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PJC Pathways Program Maps

Published or Revised June 28, 2022

Pathways Program Maps

PJC is at the forefront of colleges nationwide implementing Pathways to better assist students gain certificates or degrees without taking excess hours and be better prepared for the workforce or university transfer. PJC students may choose one of seven pathways to best represent their interest: Arts and Humanities, Business, Industry, Health Careers, Public Services, STEM, or Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Inside that pathway the student chooses the program best aligning with their goals, interest, and aptitudes. Each program is represented on a Program Map, specifying which courses the student should take and in what order, the marketable skills and outcomes and career opportunities associated with that program, and information regarding transfer to a four-year institution, where appropriate.

Click here to download the PJC Pathways Program Maps document (pdf). To see each pathway degree plan individually, click here and scroll down.