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To Potential Softball Recruits

Published or Revised May 29, 2013

The softball coaches at Paris Junior College would like to take this opportunity to express our interest in finding prospective student softball players who are goal-oriented, interested in both a great education and playing softball at the Division I NJCAA level. Our interest is to help players grow and learn how to compete in the world. To evaluate future players, we believe the more we get to know our recruits the better it is for them and us. Players who have the ability to push themselves to new levels not only benefit the team as a whole, but grow individually and gain from the experience. The coaches are here to provide guidance and encouragement for all of our players. Home games are played on field No. 4 located behind Love Civic Center on Collegiate Drive. Our hitting cages are located on campus and is under roof, providing the opportunity to hit in any kind of weather. We have pitcher bullpens in our hitting cages that provide a great place for our pitchers to sharpen their skills in any kind of weather. Our weight room and gym facilities help our players reach physical levels necessary to perform at Division I. The coaches believe these facilities provide our student athletes the opportunity to reach as far as their abilities will allow. Every recruiting season brings the opportunity and challenge of searching for young women with the drive and commitment to become strong college softball players. The upcoming season will provide another opportunity, and your interest in our program is appreciated and valued. We feel fortunate to have this opportunity to visit with you and would like more information about you. If you are interested in becoming a part of PJC’s softball program, call the coaches at 903.782.0348 or e-mail us. You should also complete our online softball recruitment form..