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Published or Revised March 27, 2019

This list represents some of the most common questions about attending the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology.

Do I need to apply to both PJC and TIJT if I decided to study at TIJT?

You need only apply to Paris Junior College. Begin with our page for new and prospective students.

What kind of programs and certificates are offered and what is the tuition?

We offer a four-semester AAS degree in horology technology (watchmaking) and in jewelry technology, both are 60 credit hours.

We also offer a three-semester certificate course in repair technician (jewelry repair) for 33 credit hours. We suggest that students attending the jewelry programs also take the gemology courses. A gemology certificate is 18 credit hours. Other certificates include a three-semester (45 credit hours) certificate in fine mechanical watch repair, a three-semester (36 credit hours) certificate in computer aided jewelry design, and four-semester certificates in jewelry technology or horology technology (both are 45 credit hours).

What are the courses given in each of the programs?

A complete semester-by-semester listing of courses can be found in our catalog (PDF).

If accepted, could I start the Jewelry Technology program in the spring semester or does it only start in the fall semester?

You can enter the Jewelry Technology program three times per year: the spring semester, extended long summer, and the fall semester.

How do I purchase a horology toolkit for the fall semester? Who do I need to send payment to? When do I pick up the toolkit?

Your toolkit will be issued to you on the first class day. It includes all the books and supplies. Check the Tuition & Fees page for the latest cost information.

Are room and board available for out-of-state students? If so, what are the costs?

Room and board cost the same for out-of-state students as for in-state students. Current rates are listed on our Student Housing On Campus page.

Are tours of your campus and facilities available?

We would love to have you visit our department and tour the campus. The best time to visit is Mondays through Thursdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Our students are in class and working on their projects during that time. Call 903-782-0380 to schedule a time, or e-mail