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Bobby R. Walters Cup

Published or Revised January 28, 2021

The Bobby R. Walters Cup was established in honor of Bobby R. Walters, the former president of Paris Junior College, longtime vice president of instructional affairs, and chemistry instructor. The award is presented to the Outstanding Sophomore Student Athlete based on academic performance. Establishment of the award was announced during the induction ceremonies for the Dragons Athletic Hall Of Fame on Saturday, Nov. 9, 1991. The criteria for the award are:

  • Must have completed a minimum of 48 transferable hours.
  • Must have participated in at least one season at the varsity level for Paris Junior College.
  • The student athlete selected will be the one that has the highest accumulative grade point average after 48 semester hours based on a 4.0 scale.

Bobby R. Walters Cup Recipients

2016: Elizabeth Ahrens Sport: Softball

2015: Alexandria Cruz Sport: Softball

2015: Austin McDaniel Sport: Baseball

2014: Jeremy Salas Sport: Golf

2013: Matthew Johnson Sport: Baseball

2012: Rachel Maslowski Sport: Volleyball

2011: Rodney Garza Sport: Baseball

2010: Mallory Johnson & Hillary Baugh Sport: Volleyball

2009: Jordan Barry Sport: Softball

2008: Tara Gibby Sport: Volleyball

2007: Brandi Dalme & Larissa Martin Sport: Softball

2006: Rachel Barrow & Chelsey McLemore Sport: Softball

2005: Carly Suchy Sport: Softball

2004: Bryce Cox Sport: Baseball

2003: Charles Carter Sport: Baseball

2002: Lacey Pemberton Sport: Women's Basketball

2001: Jodi Logan Sport: Softball

2000: Carla Carico Sport: Softball

1999: Alecia Harbuck Sport: Softball

1998: Deanne Willis Sport: Women's Basketball

1997: Kenda Patterson Sport: Women's Basketball

1996: Cassie Stephens & Julie Wilmoth Sport: Women's Basketball

1995: Jenny Jordan Sport: Women's Basketball

1994: Karla Lang Sport: Women's Basketball

1993: Stacy Franklin Sport: Women's Basketball

1992: Andrea Bailey-Hines Sport: Women's Basketball