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THEA IBT (Texas Higher Education Assessment)

Published or Revised August 02, 2022

THEA IBT (Texas Higher Education Assessment ) The THEA IBT will be used for Teacher Education Program entrance ONLY. THEA IBT is not an accepted TSI exam. The THEA IBT is a four-hour, computer administered exam accepted by the College of Education for entrance into the Teacher Certification program. The THEA IBT consists of three sections: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Each section of the test is designed to measure a student's academic skill against an established standard of competence. A student's score on each section of the test is based on his or her performance in relation to the skills being tested. Scores are not related to how well other students have performed on the same section. PLEASE NOTE: the THEA IBT test is only given on the Paris campus in the Alford Center.

Passing Scores for Education majors

  • Reading 240
  • Writing 220
  • Math 230

Retest Policy

If you do not pass one or more sections of the THEA IBT, you may retake it. However, you must wait at least 14 days before retaking the test. You may reregister to take the test before 14 days have elapsed, but you may not take the actual test until after the 14-day waiting period has elapsed, or on the 15th day. If you are retaking only one or two sections, you will have the entire testing session to complete whichever section(s) you have not previously passed.


After the examinee completes the test, he/she may view a score report on the computer screen. This score report will not include the Writing Section score. In most cases, complete scoring, including the Writing Section, will be available once the Writing Sample is scored, which will take up to ten minutes. An examinee may access the complete score report at by logging into his/her account. From time to time, the computer may be unable to assign a score to the writing sample. The examinee will have to access the score in two (2) business days by logging into their account.

Test Fees

  • $12.00 nonrefundable administration fee payable to Paris Junior College
  • $29 testing fee to THEA. Students may pay for the THEA IBT by credit or debit card.

ID Requirement

You must have two (2) forms of ID to be admitted to the exam. One form of ID must be current, valid photo identification. The "2nd Piece of identification" can be a Social Security Card; Passport; Employee or Student ID; Library Card; Pay Stub; Valid Credit Card; or Insurance Card.

Calculator Policy

Examinees will have access to an on-screen calculator during the mathematics section of the test.

Do NOT bring:

  • Food or Drink
  • Cell Phones
  • Calculators or any electronic devices
  • Backpacks, large bags, or purses
  • Hats/Caps


Appointments for the THEA Internet Based Test may be scheduled by calling the Testing Center at 903-782-0446.