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The Study Of Gemstones

Published or Revised August 19, 2015

Gemology: The science dealing with gemstones.

What makes a ruby red? Why is an emerald green, or a topaz yellow? Are all sapphires blue? What makes a diamond sparkle, or an opal glow?

How and why?

TIJT's gemology curriculum, a unique marriage of science and art, will teach you how, why, and a great deal more.

TIJT offers a one-semester certificate in Gemology. Completion requires 18 credit hours.

Through lectures, demonstrations, and textbook study you will learn how to use scientific methods and non-invasive testing procedures during hands-on lab sessions to recognize, identify and classify colored gemstones; identify and grade diamonds using the Four Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight); distinguish between natural and cultured pearls; plus many other highly desirable and marketable skills.

You will also learn:

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