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Computer Information Systems

Published or Revised July 01, 2019

With continued development and use of computers in business and industry, the need is increasing for personnel proficient in business programming, software applications, cybersecurity, and computer operations.

Opportunities are available in manufacturing firms, computer centers, government agencies, accounting firms, transportation industry, small business, service industries, business programming, database and computer support specialist and computer service representative. Those seeking entry level employment in these fields, or seeking promotion, will benefit from PJC’s computer information systems program.

The Computer Science Department offers degrees and certificates allowing students to solve programs encountered when working in this growing field.

Students will experience:

  • Object-oriented design concepts and programming
  • Develop interactive forms using computer programming languages such as Visual Basic and C++
  • Opportunity to take Microsoft Office User Specialists Exams
  • Using database management software
  • Instruction in networking technologies and their implementation, including network protocols, transmission media and networking hardware and software
  • Advanced training in Access, Excel, Word and Powerpoint
  • Customizing the Windows Environment

Program options available are:

  • The Associate of Science degree for transfer to a four-year university as a computer science or computer information systems major (60 credit hours)
  • The Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems (60 credit hours)
  • The Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Networking (60 credit hours)
  • The Associate of Applied Science degree in Cybersecurity (60 credit hours)
  • Certificate in Business Computer Applications (36 credit hours)
  • Certificate in Computer Support Tech (28 credit hours)
  • Certificate in Computer Network Tech (39 credit hours)
  • Certificate in CISCO/C-Tech (21 credit hours)
  • Certificate in Cybersecurity (48 credit hours)

For more information about PJC's Computer Information Systems Program, contact Marjory Pannell, computer networking instructor, at 903-782-0360 or For information about a certificate or