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Computer Aided Design / 3D Printing / Drafting

Published or Revised November 14, 2019

Computer Aided Design is an important industrial art conveying ideas and designs needed to produce a finished part or construction project. It is used in the automotive and aerospace industries, civil and architectural design fields and industrial and mechanical engineering fields. Used in every product produced or manufactured in today’s world, CAD is an integral part of the design process and an exciting and growing career field.

Students begin learning the computer software, where they will learn the basics of drafting and become familiar with drafting and design concepts. Students will learn to create and modify drawings using AutoCAD and other design software. Classes are designed so that students become proficient with AutoCAD and Solidworks. Students will experience the many types of drafting that industry has to offer. Our advanced classes include real-world projects that provide students the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the design industry. The new 3D Printing Lab provides yet another level of expertise, making PJC graduates attractive to employers.

PJC offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer-Aided Design (60 hours), and CAD Specialist Certificate (45 hours), CAD Technician Certificate (36 hours), and 3D Prototyping Certificate (27 hours). Students will learn to operate 2D CAD Design programs, read and interpret blueprints, design and document in 3D with parametric modeling systems, create construction and manufacturing documents using various CAD programs, and operate and maintain a 3D printer. Upon successful program completion, career opportunities are available as a CAD technician; Architectural, Mechanical, Civil, Piping, or Electrical CAD Designer; Surveying CAD Technician; Graphics Designer; Rapid Prototyping Technician; Parametric Modeler; Building Information Modeler; Landscape Design Technician; or Interior Design Technician.

For more information, contact Chris Malone, computer aided design instructor, at 903-782-0391 or