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PJC Employee Procedures Handbook

Published or Revised August 18, 2021

The statements contained in this handbook are guidelines and are intended to serve only as general information concerning various employment matters as they now exist at Paris Junior College.

An employment-at-will relationship exists between Paris Junior College and its employees, and nothing set forth in this handbook is intended to create, or shall be construed as creating, either an express or an implied contract of employment for a definite or indefinite period. Instead, at all times during their tenure, and regardless of the position any employee may hold from time to time, all employees not having an express written contract signed by the President of Paris Junior College shall retain the right to terminate their employment at will. Likewise, Paris Junior College shall retain an equivalent right that may be exercised at any time, without specified notice or reason, and without liability by Paris Junior College, except for earned wages or salary.

Economic and business conditions often change because of circumstances over which Paris Junior College has no control. Accordingly, Paris Junior College necessarily must continue to retain the right, at any time and in its discretion, to delete, suspend, terminate, or change any or all of the provisions explained in this handbook in order to keep abreast of those conditions. Any corrections, additions, deletions to this handbook should be directed to the Director of Human Resources.

The Employee Procedures Handbook is available below for download in PDF format. Adobe's free Acrobat Reader for PDF files can be downloaded here.