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Filing a Student Complaint

Published or Revised February 04, 2021

Student Complaints

The College District encourages students to discuss their concerns with the appropriate instructor or other campus administrator who has the authority to address the concerns. This process is more fully detailed in the current Student Handbook under Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Complaints (FLD).

Informal Process

Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level. Informal resolution shall be encouraged but shall not extend any deadlines in this policy, except by mutual written consent.

Formal Process

A student may initiate the formal process by timely filing a written complaint form. Even after initiating the formal complaint process, students are encouraged to seek informal resolution of their concerns. A student whose concerns are resolved may withdraw a formal complaint at any time.

Other Complaint Processes

Some PJC policies require appeals to be submitted in accordance with FLD after the relevant complaint process. These include complaints alleging discrimination or harassment, retaliation, disciplinary decisions or complaints about a commissioned peace officer employed by PJC; they may also be found in the current Student Handbook.

Filing a Level 1 Complaint

After informal processes are exhausted, a complaint must filed. Download and fill out this form:, and submit with any needed attachments. The Level One Complaint form must be completely filled out and submitted within 15 days of the date the student first knew, or with reasonable diligence should have known, of the decision or action giving rise to the complaint or grievance. File the form with the Office of the Vice President of Student Access and Success in the Alford Building, Room 105.