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Developmental Education At PJC

Published or Revised August 14, 2014

The Center for Developmental Education at Appalachian State University recognized Paris Junior College as an Exemplary Developmental Education Program in 1986. Paris Junior College was recognized in 1998 by Dr. Hunter Boylan of the National Center for Developmental Education as having one of the most successful developmental education programs in the state. Our goal is to continue to provide our students with the very best developmental education program possible, thereby preparing students for college-level classes as quickly as possible and assisting students in developmental and college-level classes on a daily basis. The college offers courses which emphasize math, reading, and writing needed by students to be successful in college-level courses. Non-Course Based Options (NCBOs) are offered to students who test within three points of the threshold score on TSI. NCBOs are designed with computer assisted instruction under the direction of an instructor. Course content is limited and specific to meet students’ needs and to help them accomplish their goals. Content and course length (4 or 16 hours) are determined by placement scores. Students may be allowed to register in a college-level course while concurrently enrolled in the correct NCBO. In addition to developmental classes, tutorial services are available to students on all campuses. On the Paris campus, students may contact Student Services at 903-782-0277 concerning services offered. Students at the Greenville and Sulphur Springs locations may contact the directors of those centers or Student Services with questions. Contact phone numbers are:
  • Paris: 903-782-0277
  • Greenville: 903-454-9333
  • Sulphur Springs: 903-885-1232