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Published or Revised January 19, 2022

Today’s manufacturing industry relies increasingly on electrical control systems, automation and robotics. Programmable logic controls are the heart of automation, displaying the entire manufacturing process on a screen. In modern processes, an electronic brain tells a solenoid to pump hydraulics to increase pressure to move a mechanical arm. Modern manufacturing jobs increasingly need the specialized training provided by this program.

Today’s systems give an alert when something goes wrong, and PJC’s program teaches system level analysis through a hybrid method. Students study theory online and have open lab for hands-on experiments at flexible times under instructor supervision.

This method of training better accommodates adult schedules, and paces for better content understanding. It allows students to continue working, and business owners have more options for workforce training.

PJC offers the following mechatronics program options:

  • Associate of Applied Science degree in Mechatronics (60 credit hours)
  • Certificate in Mechatronics (30 credit hours)

For more information about PJC's Mechatronics Program, contact Bobby Fields, Mechatronics Coordinator / Instructor, 903.782.0722 or, or Jeff Frankland at 903.782.0726 or