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Paying for College

Published or Revised July 19, 2021

Paris Junior College knows that most students need some financial help to pay for college. There are different ways to get this help at PJC and several important offices a student should be aware of to access these forms of assistance.

Financial Aid Office

The most important place to start for help paying for classes is the Financial Aid Office. The purpose of federal financial aid is to provide grants, Federal Stafford Loans, and part-time employment to eligible students who need help with paying their college expenses. The Financial Aid Office is located in the Advising and Counseling Center on the Paris Campus, or you can stop by the main office at the PJC - Greenville or PJC - Sulphur Springs Center to get started with aid. You may also call Financial Aid at or email them at Learn more about what the Financial Aid Office, the assistance it provides, and what you need to do by clicking here.

Scholarships at PJC

Paris Junior College provides scholarships to qualifying students in two ways: the Paris Junior College Memorial Foundation (established by the PJC Alumni and Friends Association) has endowed many scholarships, and the college provides other scholarships from within its budget. Learn more about scholarships at PJC and how to apply for them by clicking here.

Business Office and Payment Plans

Students may pay for their classes, housing, or testing fees at the Business Office, located in the Administration Building on the Paris Campus or in the main office at the PJC - Greenville or PJC - Sulphur Springs Center. You may also set up a payment plan for your courses and pay online through MyPJC. Learn more about the Business Office by clicking here, or call 903-782-0232 or email