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PJC recognizes employee years of service

Published or Revised August 23, 2019

PJC employee service awards 2019

Employees of Paris Junior College were recognized for their years of service at the fall convocation held August 16, 2019. Shown clockwise from top are (left to right in all photos): Dr. Marian Ellis, Tina Ruckman, Sheila Kyle and Lana Steich with 10 years; Jeffrey Tarrant, Mayra Cummings, Dr. Jack Brown, Mallie Hood, Alex Peevy, Stephanie Parker, Paul Chappell, and Randy Johnson with 15 years; Jeff Norris and Dr. Ken Haley with 20 years; Deanna Hutchinson, Susan Ingram, Peggy Callaway, Ricky Woods and Jason Taylor with 25 years; Carolyn Ellis receives her 10 year pin from PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin; Diann Mason, Mary Mims and Pam Bennett with 35 years; and Shannon Calloway, Callie Thompson and Stephanie Booker with 30 years.

Fall convocation was held Friday, August 16, 2019 as Paris Junior College welcomed faculty to campus in preparation for the fall semester beginning August 26. One of the highlights of a day of meetings and training was recognition of faculty and staff for their time at the college.

Ten year service pins were awarded to Campus Police Chief Shane Boatwright, Custodian Carolyn Ellis, English Instructor Dr. Marian Ellis, Testing Center Clerk Sheila Kyle, Plant Operations and Maintenance Secretary Tina Ruckman, and Mathematics Instructor Lana Steich.

Fifteen year pins were awarded to Biology Instructor Dr. Jack Brown, Building Mechanic Paul Chappel, Spanish Instructor Mayra Cummings, Mathematics Instructor Mallie Hood, Building Mechanic Randy Johnson, Speech Instructor Alex Peevy, Director of Nursing Stephanie Parker, and Economics Instructor Jeffrey Tarrant.

Honored with 20 year pins were English Instructor Dr. Ken Haley and Mathematics Instructor Jeff Norris.

Pins for twenty-five years of service went to Human Resources Coordinator Peggy Callaway, PJC-Greenville Center Secretary Deanna Hutchinson, Library Services Clerk Susan Ingram, Biology Instructor Jason Taylor, and Post Office Clerk Ricky Woods.

Receiving 30-year pins were Athletics & Kinesiology Secretary Stephanie Booker, Jewelry Technology Instructor Shannon Calloway, and Testing Center Coordinator Callie Thompson.

35-year pins were Office of the President Executive Secretary Pam Bennett, English Instructor Diann Mason, and Information Technology EX Coordinator Mary Mims.

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