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PJC Regents receive report on national trustee meeting

Published or Revised November 04, 2019

Paris Junior College remains a national leader in many areas, according to Dr. Clifton Wilkerson, a PJC regent who attended the recent national meeting of the Association of Community College Trustees. He presented his report to fellow regents at a meeting held Monday, Oct. 28, 2019.

“I attended a session on enabling student success through technology collaboration,” said Wilkerson. “Once I got there I heard it was something we’re already doing so I was proud of our group.”

He also reported on initiatives for helping at-risk students, as Amarillo College does, with an emergency fund to help with unexpected emergencies such as car repair or child care, and having all faculty and staff participate in a poverty simulation.

Wilkerson passed on what he learned of a generational shift, where students who have come of age using smartphones lack basic computer skills and can’t type. Ten years ago the average college student could type 32 words a minute and now it’s below 22. That’s important because it’s below the threshold of typing fast enough to keep up with thought without having to look for the next key and lose that train of thought. This is affecting organization and writing skills.

Engaging the distracted was a session attended by all the attendees, including PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin.

“The Gen Z’s and Millenials believe they can multi-task,” said Anglin. “They challenge authority, crave recognition and have a short attention span - only about 27 minutes, and they are active learners.”

In other business, the Regents:

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