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Accounting And Business Administration

Published or Revised July 22, 2022

The Accounting/Business Administration Program puts students on a path towards a career at junior or senior level of work in the fields of accounting, finance, management, or marketing. A business degree provides a general foundation for a wide variety of careers in financial industries, retail establishments, health care organizations, nonprofit organizations and marketing firms.

Those concentrating in accounting can be a staff accountant or auditor and start out in banks or credit unions, law offices, real estate offices or loan companies. Business degrees can be useful to individuals wanting to start their own business, and head off learning through trial and error. Many useful skills come with this program, opening doors to an almost unlimited variety of career choices.

Accounting/Business Administration prepares students for transfer to a four-year university as a business major and adheres to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Field of Study Curriculum for Business. The program provides students with a background in basic academic areas such as mathematics and English, as well as introductory work in the business areas of accounting, economics and business computer applications.

The Accounting/Business Administration program offers a certificate in Office Accounting at 42 credit hours or an Associate of Science degree at 60 hours. Courses include economics, personal finance, introduction to business, and for the certificate keyboarding, document formatting, business math, software applications and business correspondence and communication.

For more information about PJC's Accounting/Business Administration program, contact 903-782-0338.