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PJC 2022-2027 Quality Enhancement Plan

Published or Revised October 20, 2022

LINC (Learning, Interacting, Networking, and Communicating)

PJC’s 2022-2027 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) was developed to equip students with the technological skills needed to meet the demands of modern student learning and to improve student success.

With the PJC shift to an 8-week course schedule in the Fall of 2022, the use of technology has become increasingly imperative. A systemic and intentional approach that engages and tracks student success in regard to integrating technology into student learning is necessary.

LINC (Learning, Interacting, Networking, and Communicating) was developed in response to growing concerns from faculty and staff that students needed to have a better understanding of basic academic technology and the shifts in student expectations regarding the new course designs.

Student Learning Outcomes

PJC has categorized the primary learning objectives into four essential areas: basic computer skills, BlackBoard Learning Management (LMS), PJC DragonMail (e-mail), and effectively using common computer applications.

After the full implementation of the QEP, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • an understanding of basic computer skills
  • successful use of PJC’s Blackboard learning management system (LMS)
  • the ability to access and use PJC DragonMail
  • knowledge of common computer applications

Learn more by downloading the Final Quality Enhancement Plan Report in pdf format.

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